Data values

The value field of a Property or Constant parameters (see Core Concepts - Home API ) can have different types which will be inferred from the usage based on the JSON definition. The specifications for JSON data types can be found in the ECMA-404 Standard . The following rules apply for the provided JSON object:

Usage Result
“value”: 100 no quotation marks, number without decimals, resulting in a Int32 or double type in the API
“value”: 100.00 no quotation marks, number with decimals, resulting in a double type in the API
“value”: true/false no quotation marks, true/false text, resulting in a Boolean type in the API
“value”: ”2011-01-01T11:11:11” quotation marks, any known date time format text, resulting in a DateTime type in the API
“value”: ”abcde” quotation marks, any text except a known date time format, resulting in a String type in the API

The LIVISI Home Client API uses ISO 8601 for date time representation.