5. Account API

The Account API handles everything related to the user account and its relationship to the SHC.

Key features:

  • Retrieving, updating and deleting the user account
  • Creating a user account using back-end provided HTML views
  • Inviting & uninviting other users to the system with custom user permissions
  • Changing user password using back-end provided HTML views
  • Creating, retrieving, updating and deleting relationships between the user and a SHC (hub)

Details to all Account API endpoints & entities can be found in the Account API Reference.

Account Domain Model

Entity Description
User This entity represents the user currently using the system. Personal information like e-mail address, first and last name can be retrieved and updated.
SHCConfiguration This entity holds information about an existing configuration (if present) for the user account.
Friend Represents an invited user with different permissions.
Relationship This entity represents the relationship between the user account and the SHC (hub).