8. Client Permissions

Client Permissions are used to allow or deny access to the different API interfaces described earlier.

The following table enumerates the possible permissions that can be granted to a client accessing the API:

Home API

Permission Description
CoreRead The main set of permissions. The core permission covers retrieval of: Device, Capability, Interaction, Rule, Event, Location, Message. Additionally it also to trigger Actions and listen to the WebSocket Events.
CoreFull Additional write access to core interfaces. Full rights on main objects.
AppMgmtRead Retrieval of products (aka. device bindings and services).
AppMgmtFull Retrieval and provisioning (if free) of products (aka. device bindings and services). Also allows the client to redeem SmartCodes
Storage Access to the user and client storage of the API.

Account API

Permission Description
Account Access to the full account endpoint services dealing with user, relationship and friendship.

Data API

Permission Description
DataRead Read access to the data interfaces.
DataFull Additional write access to the data interface (e.g. enables deleting data).
LogUpload Specifies whether a client can upload log files.
Insights Access to the data interfaces dealing with Insights.

The client credentials used in the Postman Collection have the following client permissions: CoreFull, AppMgmtFull, Account, DataFull and Insights.