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Why choose LIVISI Home for your idea?

As a LIVISI Home developer you have many possibilities to roll out your idea, no matter if you choose to release an app, a voice skill or something completely different. Our technology stack is based on de-facto standards and will allow you to integrate with ease:

  • Authorization via OAuth 2.0
  • RESTful API
  • WebSocket connection

Please note that the LIVISI Developer Portal currently covers the LIVISI Home Client API. If you are interested to integrate devices or services into our eco-system contact us.



Choose to support any or all of our hub types. Rather if it is the the LIVISI Home Hub or the Livisi Virtual Hub. Each has its own features and supports different types of devices. Discover the hubs.


Use our big portfolio of devices to deploy your use cases. Choose to facilitate one or multiple of the 50+ devices that are currently supported with ever growing LIVISI eco-system. Discover all devices .


Get inspired

Check out who is already developing for LIVISI and spark your own ideas. Discover LIVISI Home Apps.